PhD Program
Architecture and

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February 19, 2014

Current Work

Current and completed PhD dissertation topics
(a selection)

In history and social factors concentrations:

Breaking the Wall, Preserving the Barrier: Gender, Space, and Power in Contemporary Mosque Architecture in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Constructing the Navajo Capital: Landscape, Power, and Representation at Window Rock

Determining Critical Factors in Community-Level Planning of Homeless Service Projects

Domestic Space, Modernity, and Identity: The Apartment in mid-20th Century Turkey

Globalizing Amman: Capital flow and the built environment, 1990-2010

Home Grown: Thomas Affleck's advocacy for regional identity in the American South, 1848-1868

The Impact of the French Protectorate on Cultural Heritage Management in Morocco: The case of Marrakesh

The Journey Back to the World: Exploring the psychological effect of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Vietnam War combat veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder

Landscape of a Foreign Country: Memory, race, and identity discourse in America’s Chinatowns, 1965 - 2008

Narrated Landscapes: Re-visioning place in contemporary urban landscape

The Pilgrimage Site of St. Symeon the Younger: Designed by angels, supervised by a saint, constructed by pilgrims

The Spatialization of Knowledge and Power at the Astronomical Observatories of Sawai Jai Singh II, 1721-1743 CE

Territorial Experiences in Shanghai's High-rise Gated Communities

Visualizing the Cultural Transition in Bithynia (1300-1402): Architecture, landscape and urbanism

In technology and environmental concentrations:

Advances in the Application of Passive Down-Draft Evaporative Cooling Technology in the Cooling of Buildings

Balancing Human Visual Comfort and Psychological Well-being in Private Offices

Configuration and Operating Condition Design Analysis of SOFC Systems for Building Applications

Development of Hybrid Heat Source Radiant System: Embedded concentric tube heat exchanger

Economic Performance of Architectural Firms: An Application of Production Theory

Knowledge-Based Model for Integrated Tall Building Design Factors