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February 19, 2014


The degree "Doctor of Philosophy" is conferred upon qualified candidates in recognition of the fulfillment of the program requirements, command of specific areas of specialization, and an original contribution to the discipline. The dissertation, the culminating requirement of the Ph.D. degree program, establishes the candidate's mastery of the research methods of his/her specialized field and his/her ability to address a major intellectual problem and arrive at a successful conclusion.

The Ph.D. degree in Landscape Architecture and in Architecture is appropriate for those seeking careers in research and teaching or in roles in government or professional consultation, all of which require depth in specialization and experience in research.

There are four options or areas of specialization within each degree offered by the Ph.D. program:

1. History and Theory

2. Health and Wellbeing

3. Technology and Environment

4. Urbanism

Applicants must identify which of the two academic units they are applying to, as well as which option they wish to pursue. Please refer to our Ph.D. Handbook for more information.

Kathryn Anthony and Aparna Saligrama
Prof. Anthony meets with
student Aparna Saligrama
E. Deming and Steve Burrows
Prof. Deming and PhD student
Steve Burrows